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We Need Clean Water to Detox!

We should know that we are in trouble when the cover article of USA Today showed that the average city water contains over 500 different chemicals. Our water poisoned chiefly by industrial pollution and loaded with heavy chemicals (recycled sewage sludge) that bioaccumulate in the body. Add here artificial fertilizers and pesticide runoff from agriculture. But not being content with this cocktail, men have figured out many more ways to increase toxicity of drinking water.

Fluoride is an example of a toxin deliberately added to water. It a halogen that is a potent enzyme inhibitor that also used as a preservative for biological specimens. It is a known cause of excessive calcification not only in arteries but joints and ligaments, contributes many forms of cancer and osteoporosis. Fluoride linked to behavioral disorders, birth defects, flu-like symptoms, and arthritis. A study conducted for 11 years involved 39000 schoolchildren revealed no statistical differences in tooth decay between children drinking fluoridated versus non-fluoridated water. It was also found, that instead of building strong healthy teeth, fluoride in water damaged brain enzymes and lowered IQ. Death rates are also high in fluoridated communities as well as 70% increase in osteosarcoma versus those living on well water. It also damages heart, kidney, and disrupts hormones. (United States National Cancer Institute)

Chlorine also drills halls in arterial walls by the process called lipid peroxidation and artery have no choice to call for help from body’s band-aid (cholesterol) to plug holes – RESULT: elevated cholesterol.

We need a lot of quality water every day because DILUTION IS THE SOLUTION FOR POLLUTION. It is ironic that one of our most important detoxification tools is progressively more polluted. We literally shower ourselves with toxins, and if you drink water from the facet you also add to the load of toxins.

What can and should we do? Make sure to drink clean and pure water! Here is some options for you:

In my opinion, Berkey is one of the best simple solution. I have two - big and small ;o)

Big Berkey

Royal Berkey

Travel Berkey

Big Berkey with additional fluoride filters

Go Berkey - I also have this one - very cute small baby Berkey

Replacement elements

Replacement elements + fluoride filters

Reverse osmosis purifying system

Water distiller - works great! I have this one. You should see sludge that left after water is distilled.... I am terrified every time thinking I could drink it ... OMG!

If you purchase from my website, as an Amazon Associate, I receive a small percentage without affecting your price. I invest this commission into developing an educational certification program to help nurses and other healthcare providers to get engaged into drugless holistic wellness and nutrition

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