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Your Detox Besties - Brush and Sauna

Skin is not only the biggest organ of your body but your vital detox tool. Skin plays a crucial role in supporting optimal detoxification. But if it covered with toxins or dead skin cells, it will not be mush help in detoxification process. Dry skin brushing is invaluable in brushing off dead skin cells and in activating waste removal via your lymph nodes. It is also offer other benefits such as lymphatic system stimulation, exfoliation, stress relief, and improving circulation. Choose a high-quality brush made from natural materials. Brush toward the heart and enjoy the process - it is the best incorporate it into your daily routine. Another big one in the detox world is sauna. Sauna revitalizes and rejuvenates, flushes toxins, relieves stress, helps fight illnesses, and improves overall health. While I am waiting for my wood-burning cedar sauna to be build, I found am amazing temporary solution I am happy to share with you ;o)

My favorite brushes:




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