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Detox teas

Herbal teas is a great way to support your juicing detox or just incorporate it in your daily routine. I never use bagged herbal teas and do not advise them to anyone. Some are decent quality but you never know. Make your teas using organic herbs. These are my favorites:

Chamomile tea - detoxifies, calms, provide healing antiseptic effect, helps improve sleep

Gentle natural diuretic, helps to flush away toxins, slim down, improve energy, mental acuity, disease resistance

Contains flavonoids, phytochemical, antioxidants, "purify" blood, gently flush toxins, has anti carcinogenic properties

Perfect teapot for herbal tea. I think I need another one ;o) I love this teapot because it has glass infuser - metal infuser may oxidize tea and reduce its quality

Also, a few options to replace plastic straws and bags:

I've just got a bag of these - medium size

I use these for long time to pack almost everything

Parchment paper sheets - I wrap everything it it. I wrap in paper before vacuuming (if I need to) as well to avoid contact of my food with plastic

This is where my veggies go instead of plastic bags. I take them with me to shop

If you purchase from my website, as an Amazon Associate, I receive a small percentage without affecting your price. I invest this commission into developing an educational certification program to help nurses and other healthcare providers to get engaged into drugless holistic wellness and nutrition

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