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After Holidays - Detox Cocktail to the Rescue!

Do you feel guilty after an enormous holiday meal? Yea - been there done that ;o) - everything looks and tastes for good, so how can you miss on any of that?! Well, here is a solution - Detox Cocktail to the Rescue. This cocktail helps detoxify and eliminate environmental chemicals and stored heavy metals like mercury. It helps with both phases of detoxification. It guards against a heart attack or blood clots, cleanses the gut, and boosts cancer killer cells. You do not need to wait for a big meal to have this cocktail - you literally can have it every day, and your body will thank you each time 😊

it's as easy as this:

Mix together with 1-2 glasses of pure (purified, distilled, alkaline) water

1/4 to 1 heaping spoon of Vitamin C powder (as much as you can tolerate - you can start with 1/4 teaspoon and increase as tolerable - the more the better!)

300-600 mg of Lipoic Acid

400-800 mg of glutathione

To make your life easier, I have some ingredients for you ;o)

If you purchase from my website, as an Amazon Associate, I receive a small percentage without affecting your price. I invest this commission into developing an educational certification program to help nurses and other healthcare providers to get engaged into drugless holistic wellness and nutrition

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